Acronis True Image Online

Acronis True Image Online 1.0

Allows you to use Acronis Online service for safeguarding your files
1.0.4139 (See all)

Acronis True Image Online is an application that allows you to use Acronis Online service for safeguarding your most important files.
Acronis True Image Online allows you to save important files to a secure remote location and recover them when the need arises. Because files are stored on a remote storage, they are protected even if your computer gets stolen or your house burns down. So the risk of data loss as a result of fire, theft, or other natural disasters is practically eliminated. If something happens to your backup image, PC, or external storage device, you can get your most important files back. If your computer crashes, you can recover your files back to your PC or another system that has Acronis True Image Online.

In addition, you can recover your data from Acronis Online Storage on any computer with a Web browser without the necessity of installing Acronis True Image Online.

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